16 Unique Gifts for Rock Climbers in 2023

November 22, 2023 6 min read

16 Unique Gifts for Rock Climbers in 2023

Wait...is it really holiday season again?!

This year has whizzed by which means it's time to put on your thinking cap and start brainstorming the best gifts for rock climbers.

If you're like me, your climbing partner already has one of those cutesy monster chalk bags, a mug with an itty bitty pinch, and a closet full of climbing shoes. So what rock climbing gifts won't get lost in the back of the trunk or break the bank?

Today, we'll chat about 16 unique gifts for rock climbers in 2023. 

Psst...We aren't affiliated with any of the external products in this holiday gift guide, but we do hope our ideas will get your creative juices flowing!

Crux Taco Skin Sander

Wanna taco 'bout skin care? 

But for real, the guys behind Crux Climb in Spain figured out a way to reinvent one of the most essential pieces of climbing gear — the sand file.

Their ergonomic design is made to reach the skin between finger joints without sacrificing a larger surface for calluses and tips. Sandpaper sticker refills come in different grits so you can mix & match without needing to buy a new Taco. 

Bundle the Crux Taco (available here in the USA) with our Keep Climbing Taped Hands Tee for the best rock climbing stocking stuffer ever!

Joby Tripod


Your climbing partner who loves capturing all of their sends will never miss another moment with the help of a rugged Joby GorrilaPod.

Traditional tripods can easily run over $100 and are terrible when it comes to packing. On the flip side, the Joby GorrilaPod is insanely compact (max height of 20 inches) and runs around $60 when purchased with a phone mount.

The legs are flexible, yet sturdy which comes in handy when wrapping them around tree branches, poles, or anything else you can find.

The only thing left is to throw on your lucky Dynamite Starfish send tee and start climbing!

Custom Mini Puzzle 

Keep those memories of the Good Climbs, Good Vibes alive with a custom jigsaw puzzle.

This unique gift for rock climbers is super easy to make thanks to companies like Vista Print. Simply upload your photo, choose your size, and voilà! 

A 50-piece puzzle is about $20 or you could go for a 500-piece at under $40.

Oh, and that one time you and your partner got stuck three pitches up in the middle of a thunderstorm? We've got a Type 2 Fun tee for that too.

Portable Warm-Up Hangboard

A portable hangboard is a staple piece of climbing gear for outdoor adventures or climbers who are always on the go. 

Not only are portable hangboards useful for a proper, skin-saving warmup at the crag, but they also make for a great training device when you can't drill holes in your walls at home.

We find that the two-handed rungs are the most versatile while not getting too bulky to haul around. This model from Metolius hoovers right at the $40 mark!

Pair this with our classic Sunset Boulderers tee to relive those sweet feelings of hiking out at sunset with your favorite climbing partners.

Night Climbing Gear

Trust us when we say that you'd probably rather not do a 2-mile hike back to the car with your phone's flashlight. Beyond your basic climbing equipment, nighttime gear should be one of your first investments when venturing into nature.

Headlamps are an absolute must for outdoor climbing. Black Diamond and Petzl are two trusted brands with options for any budget (see the selection at REI). In general, more lumens equals more light.

Stoked to keep climbing all night long? Take a look at rechargeable LED work lights like this model from tekstep for $25 on Amazon. Using two lamps at once helps break shadows, so definitely grab a pair if you can swing it! 

(Photo courtesy of @gnatonthewall)

Coffee Gear

Climbing! But first coffee. It's the motto we wake up to every morning.

Caffeine connoisseurs will love the huge variety found in the Yeti line of products from single-serve 12oz mugs ($25) all the way to massive gallon jugs ($100+). Talk about happiness in a cup wherever you go!

Top this gift off with a bag of artisan coffee from our friends over at Hatchet Coffee Roasters in Boone, NC and an expressive climbing sticker.

Utility Knife

A quality utility knife is one of those tools you never realize you need in your climbing pack...until you do. 

Got a flapper? Use the scissors. Rope frayed or worn? Trim it with the knife. Nasty splinter? There are tweezers for that too! 

Victorinox Swiss Army Knives are known for their long-lasting durability and their Climber model (available at REI for under $50) has a great combination of tools for almost any situation. 

Climber Dads will really love this gift along with our Rad Trad Dad tee.

Shareable Crag Dog Nalgene 

Finding space for your climbing gear AND your furry friend's is a never-ending debacle, but the folks over at OllyDog have come up with a clever solution. 

Their bottle design comes with a detachable bowl so your crag dog can enjoy their water without slobbering all over the opening where you put your mouth.  

Snag either the 600mL or 1L size (both under $20) along with our new Climb and Pet All The Dogs artwork for a pawsome gift set!

Gooseneck Tablet Stand

This little accessory is a game changer for van lifers and campers who like to bring the creature comforts of home on their weekend adventures. 

There are a handful of models available on Amazon (like this one) around the $20 mark. The adjustable bracket fits most phones, tablets, or e-readers and the screwable clip allows you to mount your device on just about anything you can imagine. 

Dawn Wall and Send Beers anyone?!

Climbing Guidebook

There's no doubt that Mountain Project is an amazing source of information, but there's something to be said about the simplicity of disconnecting from electronics and using a print guidebook. 

Not only are printed guidebooks a rad memento for days spent at your favorite crag, but they are also a fun way of proposing future outdoor adventures together! 

No unique gifts for rock climbers would be complete without a personal touch. Our Build Your Own Sticker Pack allows you to pick expressive designs for any climber personality!


Maybe you hate 'em, maybe you love 'em. We're not here to argue about fashion because Crocs are probably the closest thing you'll find to walking on a cloud.

Crocs make for an excellent campground or rock gym shoe, but what we really love is how easy and comfortable Crocs are to wear between burns at the crag. 

Their classic clog (about $50) is super lightweight making them simple to clip to your pad or sack with a carabiner. Build your own cold-day survival pack with a thick pair of hiking socks and one of our cozy sweatshirts.

Food Containers & Cutlery 

You already Climb For Snacks, but are you ready to step up your foodie game to the next level?

We LOVE our Hydro Flask Food Jars for their sleek design, durability, and ability to keep food hot or cold for hours without leaks. Mmm, just think hot soup on a freezing winter day.

Hydro Flask Food Jars come in three different sizes (12oz, 20oz, 28oz) all under $50, but we recommend going on the larger size. Bundle this with a camping cutlery kit and fun climbing sticker for a gourmet treat!

Foldable Seat Pad

Ok ok, so this gift is a little bit like getting socks from your grandparents — not very exciting at the moment, but you'll appreciate its practicality once you use it.

Seat pads come in several styles (inflatable or folding foam) and are lightweight enough to haul to the crag or rock gym. You can find this model from Therm-a-Rest at REI for around $30.

Say adios to frozen, wet, chalky bottoms!

External Power Bank

"Oh, let me just double-check Mountain Project to see which cams we need for the next pitch. Shoot I'm out of battery!"

Sound familiar? Yea, we've been there too and it's...the worst.

Having a spare power bank for long gym sessions or Type 2 Fun days in the backcountry is never a bad idea. Check out this solar charger model for under $25 on Amazon or one of the many classic, rugged power banks for under $50 at REI.

Odor Proof Wag & Wander Bag

Carrying around a bag of poop between climbs isn't exactly fun, and the good-hearted temptation to stash it until the hike out often results in leaving behind a smelly surprise. 

The folks from Wag & Wander solved this problem with their odor, leak-proof waste bag (under $25 on Amazon). Their design is compact for packing and comes with a clip to attach to climbing sacks. 

It holds up to 2L of waste which should be plenty of room for a day's worth of stinky waste from your crag dog, crag cat, or "anything else" you don't want to leave behind.

Rock Climbing Gym Pass

Still not sure what to get your special climbing partner this holiday season? Check to see if your local rock gym will let you prepay for their monthly pass or get them a punch card with a set number of day passes.

We also love this gift idea for rock climbers because it's a super fun way to introduce a non-climbing friend to the sport!

We hope this holiday gift guide helped give you some inspiration in your search for unique gifts for rock climbers this season.

If you have questions or ideas you'd like to share about unique gifts for rock climbers, leave us a comment below! We’d love to hear from you.

Psst…Our tees are a great conversation starter!

With so many styles, we know you’ll be the climber having the most fun at the crag.


Alex Tighe
Alex Tighe

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