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  • Climber Interview: Brie Chartier

    Climber Interview: Brie Chartier

      Photo (left) by @ladylockoff. Photo (right) from Brie's Instagram Hello friends! We are very proud to feature an interview with Brie Chartier today. Brie is one of the beautiful...

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  • Climber Interview: Quincy Berkompas

    Today our Climber Interview feature is with one of our ambassadors, Quincy Berkompas! She tagged our High Maintenance tank top in one of her climbing photos a while back, and we simply fell...

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    Climber Interview: Quincy Berkompas
  • Climber Interview: Kelly Fields

    Climber Interview: Kelly Fields

    Kelly Fields is one of those people you can meet just once but never forget. She's a climbing guide who takes womxn-identifying groups outdoors on climbing adventures. If that's something you...

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  • Climber Interview: Dominique Barry

    Hey everyone! We're pretty deep into this COVID-19 quarantine, and I hope you all are staying sane. Please tell us about your FFA's (first-fridge-ascents) and how you've turned your cast...

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    Climber Interview: Dominique Barry
  • Indira Orozco Brown Girls Climb Climber Interview Dynamite Starfish Feature Image

    Climber Interview: Indira Orozco

    In the thick of this pandemic season, we're so happy to do this feature of Indira, who is a total ray of sunshine in the climbing community. We met her...

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