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Leslie Kim, owner/founder of woman owned climbing company Dynamite Starfish in Bishop, CA

What is Dynamite Starfish?

Dynamite Starfish was created in 2015 by artist and climber Leslie Kim. She wanted to create art that highlights experiences we share as climbers and ultimately bring people together.

Knowing that simply "raising stoke" about climbing isn't enough to keep the passion alive, she chooses to donate a portion of her profits to organizations that serve the land. Before a single shirt was printed, she looked for local organizations that did conservation work in areas she actively climbs in.

Dynamite Starfish now proudly partners with the Access Fund. Some of our previous partners include: The Friends of Joshua Tree, Friends of the Inyo, Central Wyoming Climbers Association, American Safe Climbing Association, Planned Parenthood, and the American Himalayan Foundation.

Our Mission

Our mission is centered around having a sustainable lifestyle. The origins of Dynamite Starfish came from one artist wanting a career that is both fulfilling and sustainable, and a life that is in balance with nature.

We create rock climbing inspired designs for climbers, misfits, and lovers. 

We seek to create spaces where individuals are free to be themselves. Dynamite Starfish also believes in approaching life, climbing, and the outdoors with mindfulness in order to keep climbing for as long as we can.

We offer our designs on t-shirts and tanks, which are carefully chosen for softness, comfort, and the least environmental impact. All our tees are printed by the artist in Los Angeles, California.

A few of our values:

  • Follow the path that makes you free.
  • Respect nature and the outdoors.
  • Create meaningful experiences.
  • Find beauty in the everyday.
  • Inspire one another.

And finally, what's with the name?

Dynamite Starfish is a climbing move! Check out the definition below.

"Tightly gripping handholds, simultaneously flagging out both legs then proceeding to violently kick downwards and inwards in a desperate attempt to produce upwards motion; making the climber resemble an explosive bottom feeder."

What does that mean to us? Keep going even if you look and feel ridiculous. Live your life the way you want it to be lived.

Stay tuned for more awesome projects to come!