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What is Dynamite Starfish?

A climbing move! Here's the official definition:

“Tightly gripping handholds, simultaneously flagging out both legs then proceeding to violently kick downwards and inwards in a desperate attempt to produce upwards motion; making the climber resemble an explosive bottom feeder.” —


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Apparel with a Cause

5% of our profits are donated to the Access Fund for their continued efforts to enhance the lives of climbers and longevity of Planet Earth.

Our base apparel is made in eco-conscious, 100% sweatshop free, WRAP-certified factories that use water saving dye machines, and solar power. They are then are hand printed by the artist in Los Angeles, CA.

About us

Dynamite Starfish was born from an artist's desire to create art about the experiences we share through climbing. We are inspired by the great outdoors and the wild diversity of the climbing community.

Dynamite Starfish believes in approaching life, climbing, and the outdoors with mindfulness in order to keep doing what we love for as long as we can.

Read more about us on our about page!

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