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The Lineage : What it's like to be a Korean-American business owner in the world of rock climbing

Written by Leslie Kim


Posted on July 16 2020

Leslie Kim Korean American lineage

Left Image: Leslie's mother, great-grandmother, and grandmother. Right: Leslie on top of Lost Horse Rock in Joshua Tree, CA.

A few months ago, I was asked to start writing about my experience as an Asian American business owner and climber.

After months of researching, processing, and writing, it's live! To read it, click here to go to Common Climber's website.
I took a deep dive into my family's history and the events that shaped them. It's only been a few years that I've been able to see how trauma affects our behavior and beliefs. Since then, I've been working to unravel both my personal and transgenerational traumas. It'll always be a work in progress, and it's painful and difficult to do. But, I believe I'm 100% better for it.⁠⠀
What I learned from writing this piece is that for me, being Asian American is simply that. Being. It's part of everything I do. The experiences of my ancestors never leave me because they've imparted upon me valuable lessons of survival and resilience, and taught me how to find even the smallest scraps of joy during difficult times.⁠⠀
I hope you enjoy the read. Friends, continue to live in pursuit of love, dignity, and truth.⁠



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