Rock Climbing Gifts : A Gift Guide by Dynamite Starfish

November 30, 2019 7 min read

Rock Climbing Gifts : A Gift Guide by Dynamite Starfish

"As a rock climbing art and apparel company, we at Dynamite Starfish obviously appreciate the DIY approach! In the same “indie” spirit that we create our own goods, we've pulled together some small but worthy climber-owned businesses for you. We hope you’ll support small businesses this holiday season — and keep climbing!"

—Founder and CEO, Leslie Kim

Harle Hands

The folks over at Harle Hands have thrown together something that I deem worthy of being called “da balm.” Pun, regretfully, intended. But I mean it, these guys are keeping it simple and making it quality. Their CBD-infused balm contains only: refined beeswax, coconut oil, shea butter, carnauba wax, tea tree oil, vitamin E oil, peppermint oil, and cannabidiol.” I love being able to know and even pronounce the ingredients in the products I use. This balm definitely caters towards the climber, athlete, and working persons’ hands. “Harle Hands is a solid bar creating a rich thick protective barrier, allowing the skin to heal itself. This unique formula soothes dryness and relieves soreness, all while preventing torn hands.” You can score some from their website and see what’s new on insta.

For 30% off, use the code harle30.



Breezy Desert Designs

Honestly, who wouldn’t want a pair of these ear lobes...get it. Us climbers love to rep our sport and what better way to accessorize than with some of our most coveted gear. These bad boys are handmade by climbers for climbers, with real cam lobes expertly machined in half, making them as light as they are stylish. Easy Breezy Beautiful Desert Designs…. Ya, I just did that. It was too perfect, I had to. You can snag a pair on Esty and see what they’re up to on Instagram.



Chalk Cartel

Hmm, to buy low-quality chalk for a cheap price or spend a lot to get decent chalk in a shiny bag? Ponder no more, Chalk Cartel has stepped in to give us a solution. Their mission is to make quality chalk that’s direct from the source, available to climbers at an honest price, and use packaging that is sustainable for the environment. They accomplish all this while also making sure to put consumers first. From personal experience, I can say they do just that. I also truly appreciate that their bags are made from 100% recycled natural kraft paper. Even the tin tie, tape seal, and water-based ink are equally recyclable. These guys don't just talk the talk; they prove with action and ethical quality products that they do certainly "walk the walk." You can get your chalk fix from their website and see what they’re up to on insta.

For 20% off, use the code STARFISH2019. Good until 1/30/20!




I have to say, hearing about a new climbing shoe company is pretty exciting. When I first saw the shoes I was psyched on that fresh red rubber. But the real stoke came when I found out that they’ve not only created the world's first merino wool climbing shoe (#fightthestink) but have also chosen to break away from the standard aggressive design. A design we now know to have an untold cost to your feet, especially in youth climbers. Instead, they chose to reinvent the wheel and create a shoe that gets great performance without your feet having to pay the price. Give em a visit at their website & insta.


Dynamite Starfish holiday gift guide for rock climbings

Dynamite Starfish

Our very own! I could resist writing an indie-rock climbing gift guide without including some of Dynamite Starfish's most gifted items. If you're looking for high-quality apparel with some really unique and fun artwork that perfectly celebrates all the reasons you love climbing, check us out.

What better stocking stuffer to give to your climber friends than weatherproof climbing stickers that will stand the test of time? Staying in on a rest day? Keep the stoke high with a climbing-inspired mug to keep your coffee nice and warm.


Tiny Holds

From pendants & pins to earrings & keychains, Tiny Holds is making the freshest handmade climbing accessories that’ll dazzle from gym to crag. Is your chalk bag too basic? How about your keys, are they on a carabiner? (Ya, me too) Well, spice it up with a one-of-a-kind pin or keychain. Are your ears and neck lacking that “I’m a funky fresh climber” vibe? Well, Tiny Holds has got you covered! Good people, good products, good day. Check em out and place your order on Insta!



Sublime Climbing

I’m very disappointed that I didn’t know about these guys sooner. Sublime Climbing, founded by Ransom Allison and the one and only Tom Randall, are putting out insanely strong high-quality brushes with eco-conscious engineering that is to be revered. “We go the extra mile and strive to make sure each and every high-quality component of our products are either made from recycled material or can be recycled itself.” Ethical, well-engineered, and reasonably priced; these brushed are second to none. Take a peep at their website and insta.

For 15% off, use the code dynamitestarfish.



Climb-on Maps

Another newcomer and another game-changer. Rick and Stefani, the very ethical and eco-conscience founders of Climb-On Maps, have decided to put the time and effort into developing a more detailed and intuitive style of guide book, or guide “map” rather. Not only do these maps have more info than the average guide book, but these 100% recyclable tear and waterproof maps are going last much longer than that paperback we all have that’s coffee stained and falling apart. As of now, they have maps for
  1. Joshua Tree, CA
  2. Red Rock Canyon, NV
  3. Smith Rock, OR
  4. City of Rocks/Castle Rocks, ID
You can snag these maps from their website and follow what they’re up to on insta.



Allez Outdoors

Whether it’s giving yourself a wet nap bath, getting the grim off your hands from climbing all day, or worse yet, dealing with the dreaded adhesive from your tape gloves Allez outdoors has the perfect thing. They’ve gone out and made 100% plant-based biodegradable body wipes that are “Large enough to refresh your entire body from nose to toes.” These bad boys are also PH balanced and infused with Vitamin E, Vitamin C, and Aloe to keep you looking, smelling, and feeling good at the crag. You can get these and more from their website. Their insta is worth a look too!



The Climbing Zine

If you’re trying to get your fix of amazing climbing photos paired with well-crafted articles that excite, inform, and get you psyched, then The Climbing Zine definitely hits the spot. This magazine is littered with groundbreaking news of what's taking place in our sport, stellar gear recommendations, and inspiring personal stories. The climbing inspired illustrations that are also featured are magnificent and inspirational. I can't forget to mention an ingenious aspect to their subscription is that the nomad can get their copy no matter where they are. You can get yours from their website and enjoy some awe-inspiring pictures from their Instagram.




Digit Climbing

Scenario, you roll up to the crag psyched to hop on your proj, but all the surrounding climbs are too hard to warm-up on. Maybe the case is that you’re surrounded by routes that are too mellow to get you "full-crimp" ready. Struggles be gone! The masterminds over at Digit Climbing have designed an amazing series of portable hangboards to get you warm and ready anywhere. Its rotary system not only allows access to a multitude of grips but to different angles, allowing you to crank up or turn down the difficulty. Seeing it’s made with wood, it won’t take off any of that precious pre-send skin. You can get yours from their website and see what post-warm-up sends are taking place on their insta.

For 10% off, use the code DYNAMITE10.



Tufa Climbing

Trying to find a chalk bag or bucket that 10 other people at the gym don't already have can be quite the struggle. And trying to avoid buying that awesome $80 Etsy bag, while hard to resist, is just too much to spend. The fabulous folks over at TUFA climbing have really stepped up to the plate to deliver some of the raddest chalk bags, buckets, and crag packs I’ve ever seen. Their mission is simple. “to handcraft Technical, Unique, Functional, Art, built for longevity in the most environmentally-responsible way, always improving.” I honestly don't need to say much more, their aesthetic, ethical, and efficient products speak for themselves. Check out their insta and snag-a-bag on their website.



Climb Injury-Free Book

This right here is one of those things we don’t often buy ourselves, but if ever given to us, we use and appreciate it endlessly. One could say it's just like a headlamp. However, instead of convenient light, this brings us the gift of both injury prevention and management, thus allowing for a lifetime of healthful sending. If this topic is new, I'd suggest starting out by watching all the free videos on their website. If found useful, I'd profoundly encourage you to get the more developed information from the book and or the video set, either for yourself or that special climber in your life. Send smarter to send harder… they should definitely use this line. Here's their website and insta.


Other Arts & Apparel Companies We Love

Wear-AM, created by painter Andrew Murray, makes leggings and sports bras in one-of-a-kind prints.
Use code WEARAMX15 for 15 % off.

Permagumby (formerly Crusher climbing) creates fun printed leggings and metallic prints that we just can’t get enough of.
Use code HOLIDAYGUMBY for 10% off.

Gneiss Apparelcreates graphic tees inspired by outdoor activities and the crags many of us love to climb at.

Ariel Leeis a fine artist creating colorful, detailed outdoor inspired paintings of places like Canyonlands and Joshua Tree.

Take On Apparel,based in the Rockies,creates tees and tanks inspired by rock climbing.

The Social Climbersthis graphic design duo creates enamel pins, stickers and tanks. On point for ladies who love indoor bouldering.

@Majesstica_ - If you ever had a need for a Sailor Moon x rock climbing art mashup, this one’s for you.

Design with 8- We love these carefree climbing inspired illustrations!

Dynamite Starfish
Dynamite Starfish

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