[Explicit] I'm Sorry For What I Said While I Was Cruxing

October 31, 2020 2 min read

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Hello, Dynamite Starfish fam!

What's the worst thing you've said while cruxing? 😫 Did you, a usually compassionate and tender rock climber all of a sudden start cursing your a** off as you held on to that awkward position trying to clip? How about yelling at your partner who was just trying to point out that obviously good hold to you? Maybe you even threatened to call child services on your dad's belay...

Well, whatever your dirty cruxing secrets might be, we've asked the Dynamite Starfish community to share theirs. Keep reading for some guaranteed laughs!

From the Dynamite Starfish community:

"Stop telling me I'm doing a good job!!! This is f***ing awful!" —@asheleen


Dynamite Starfish Sorry Cruxing Rock Climbing Quote


"I was climbing the second pitch of Valhalla. It leads off sideways from bolted anchors, clips an old bolt, then goes up through hard slab before transitioning to steeper but easier terrain.

I fell a bunch of times. Always at least 10 feet. Always hitting the slab hard. I finally climbed further, basically passing the crux but the run out felt substantial. I had no strength left or head game left.

I called down, Richard, I don’t care if it’s wrong, I want you to take tight!

I was tired of the long falls. Stupid. Richard listened to me and took tight. I fell, tight roped, from overhang to slab and busted my ankle.

It’s still weak. Rolls every year. And creaks when it’s going to rain. I’m sorry for what I said when I was cruxing." —@michaeljustinmoynihan

Dynamite Starfish funny cruxing rock climbing quotes

"'F*** you Athens, Greece!' while climbing offwidth" —@adventures_of_joel

"cursed in all 4 languages I speak all at the same time / this is intense for me 😝" —@ranathefox

"Back in college I was mid climb and I yelled, 'I don't have insurance!'" —@hoonatron

"F*cking SLACK!" probably." —@all.snark

Dynamite Starfish Sorry Cruxing Rock Climbing Quote


"YOU GREASED UP THE HOLDS!!" —@amandarjara

"I give up" —@charles__parent

"I might have to french free this" —@mark9fiji

"Who the F**** said this was a 10b?!" —@nattastrophe



Want it on a shirt?

Dynamite Starfish Sorry Cruxing funny rock climbing tank top

"As I sketched out on run-out slab and my belayer tried to motivate me. 'Dude. Shut the f*** up." —@eoghankyne

"WHY DO I DO THIS SPORT?!!!" —@nicoleshintaku

"This doesn't look that harrr.... OH f*** this is hard! F****!!!!" —@jtarr24

"My friend trying to encourage me: 'go big!!!' me: 'I'm not big!!!!'" —@chasing.sunsetss

Sorry Cruxing funny rock climbing quote

"Stop talking to me, I can't talk" —@caitlinsch.kk.r

 "F***ing potatoes" —@kristenliam31

"I can hear what you're saying but I honestly don't care" —@crag_to_crux 

"F*** YOU!* —@keekswithak

"I'm not crying! It's ALLERGIES!" —@yinstagram

Dynamite Starfish funny cruxing rock climbing quotes

 "Give me SLACKKKK!!!!" —@lsmotion

"B*TCH!!! MOTHER!!! F***ER!!! Each word separated by a move and a grunt." —@vanny.jpg

"SHUT UP I CAN SEE THE HOLD!!!" —@paulinadao

"Shut up, I'm doing the f***ing thing!" —@rach987w

"F$#%, but like 50 times..." —@zacfrost

Dynamite Starfish Sorry Cruxing funny rock climbing quotes

 "Just the f-word, about 30 times in rapid succession." —@pdbernard89

"Why are we doing this?" —@milkyjello

"Incoherent screaming" —@mekhin.bacon

"You friggin stupid rope I hate you!" —@milkyjello

Sorry Cruxing funny rock climbing quote


"I hate you" —@missyj820

"'Oh you little b*tch.' I look over there there is a small woman on the next route over." —@tyahuasca

"Let me DOWN" —@saraknez_

"Take!" —@jcaoutdoors 

These responses were compiled from public comments on Instagram, and with permission from private DM's and story replies.

Dynamite Starfish
Dynamite Starfish

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