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Crushers' Guide to the Quarantine

March 24, 2020 2 min read

Crushers' Guide to the Quarantine - Dynamite Starfish

Stay strong (and psyched!) during this global stay-at-home protocol. Keep reading for a warm-up recommendation, workout (no equipment needed), and a list of climbing movies and videos to watch on your downtime!

Step 1: The Warm Up

Here is a warm-up put together by the Climbing Doctor, Dr. Vagy. 


The chart below lists how many reps of each exercise I like to do 


x5 each side


x5 each side


x5 each direction

Thoracic stretch 

x5 each side


x5 each side

Lunge w/ Rotation

x5 each side

Rotations: Head, Shoulder, Wrists Waist, Knees, & Ankles  

x5 each direction

Sun Salute


Shoulder taps


Finger Tendon Gliders



*Helpful advice

You should aim to master Flagging & Back-flagging.

The sense of balance that’s gained from mastering both is invaluable to your climbing.


  1. You are completely balanced throughout the entire duration of both flagging exercises
  2. Your flagging foot does not touch the ground in between the reps. of both exercises  
  3. When back-flagging, you’re able to achieve a near 90° bend in the knee of the on the ground leg

    I like to view this as a fun challenge you get to do every time your warm-up. 

    Tring to do a perfect set of flagging and back flagging can be a little trickier than it looks. 


      Step 2: Workout & Challenge

      This workout is something I put together in order to help the students in my ERASMUS (a college-level study abroad program) course stay in shape during all of our government-mandated self-quarantines. I developed this under the impression that some people might not have any equipment at home. So all of these exercises can be done using only body-weight.

      Aim to do 3 sets minimum & try not to rest in between exercises 

      Superman Arm Circles (Shoulders and Back)


      Push-Ups(Chest & Shoulder)


      *Boat-Pose Reaches (Abs)               


      Pistol Squatsor Assisted Pistol Squats (Legs)

      x5 each leg

      Staggered V’s(Abs)

      x5 each side 

      Overhead  squats(Legs & Back)



      1 minute


      x2 Great   x3 Intense   x4 Insane


      *Boat Pose Reaches: 4 different reaches make up 1 rep. 

      Reach to yourheels,toes,heel & opposite toe,other heel & toe  = 1 rep  (Example in the video)

      I hope you worked up a sweat and enjoyed the workout. Feel free to reduce or add reps to any exercise to tailor it to your specific needs. Stay tuned for more posts to help you stay stoked and fit during these crazy times. 

      I highly recommend checking out Jared Vagy's other videos and articles on his site.

      We also recommend you check out our list of climbing movies to keep you entertained at home!

      Austin Smith Collaborator
      Austin Smith Collaborator

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