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Climber Interview: Rana Accawi

Written by Dynamite Starfish


Posted on November 23 2020

One of our brand ambassadors, Rana Accawi, gets deep into her climbing experience in our latest Climber Interview. Read on for more!

To start, what are a few ways you identify yourself? (some examples: name, age, pronouns, type of work you do.) But really, anything you believe is important.

I am a conscious witness of this human experience i get to call life; i am a being in process, an explorer and an observer first and foremost. My pronouns are she/her but I identify as a fox, a womanimal if you will ;)

Image courtesy of Rana Accawi

How did you start climbing?

I officially started climbing in 2013, I was living in Spain at the time and when I visited my home country Lebanon that summer, my brother had started this new cool sport that of course I had to get in on. He taught me the basics, and from that time until 2017 I was strictly and sporadically (only in the warmer months) sport climbing -- At the time, there weren't really any good climbing gyms in Lebanon and so I learned climbing on real rock, outdoors, by pure instinct haha. It wasn't until I moved to the US in 2017 that I started bouldering and lead climbing, I was going religiously to a climbing gym and I got to improve my technique and power a lot!

What impact has climbing had on your life?

Oh maaaaan, foof, I can literally tear up talking about this haha! All positive impacts of course; in a nutshell: the community and friends that I made thanks to climbing have been one of the most enriching rapports I have ever made with people - the ways climbing has worked through my system; my psychological, mental, emotional and physical abilities, I have never experienced so many breakthroughs in my life in a different context, really! - my love for climbing had me quit my 7 year long teaching career and pursue route setting, so yeah, climbing is changing my life as I knew it and lastly, aaaall the gorgeous places I got to explore and adventure in, climbing showed me so much natural and geological beauty that I will never forget!

What are some other things you do that you find most fulfilling?

I read a lot of philosophy and psychology books, I am very interested in alchemy and esotericism so I feed that through reading a lot. I don't call myself an artist but I do tap frequently into my creativity and find outlets for that via making bead jewelry, writing and collaging!

If you could tell the world one thing, what would it be?


Is there something you're working on that you'd like to tell our community about? We love a good story.

I am working on a lot of projects with my home gym Memphis Rox, some related to educational programs, others related to route setting programs. I am unemployed now, due to my immigration process, so I am dipping my toes in so many little projects to keep busy (and sane) haha!!

Favorite thing about Dynamite Starfish? 

The fact that a one woman power house is running the show is so admirable to me, I love supporting and being part of communities that encourage ethical habits and good climbing etiquette and just an all in all positive (and cute AF) climbing experience!!!

Image courtesy of Rana Accawi

You can find Rana on Instagram at @ranathefox

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We hope you have enjoyed these sneak peeks into climbers' lives. We're on a mission to share diverse stories about rock climbing. Let's push the boundaries of who we know as climbers. Let's use our energy and passion for the outdoors to love our environment and inspire one another.

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