Climber Interview: Liam Lonsdale

December 15, 2020 3 min read

Climber Interview: Liam Lonsdale - Dynamite Starfish

Liam Lonsdale is an athlete, photographer, and events announcer. We met Liam at a rock climbing competition in Los Angeles, CA. His energy and enthusiasm as the event's MC was pretty special, and we loved being a part of it! Keep reading this climber interview to learn more:

To start, what are a few ways you identify yourself? (some examples: name, age, type of work you do.) But really, anything you believe is important.

Most people call me Liam. I sign off online with 'LL' and that seems to stick every now and again, but it's unintentional. I identify as a 25 year old bronzed Adonis, but in reality I'm a thirty-something white male, transplanted from the North of England UK to Oakland, California. Professionally, I have been working as a freelance photographer and presenter since 2014, specializing in adventure sports and extreme environments. I recently joined KAYA Climbing as Creative Director.

By: Liam Lonsdale, Liam climbing at Götterwandl

How did you start climbing?

I started climbing hungover. Laugh if you must, but I'm not joking. I had dabbled here and there as a kid and a young-teen but it never really stuck. Fast forward to my 18 year old self and I was working behind a bar, (England rocks). A fellow bartender told me he was going climbing the next day and said I should join him. We drank a lot of alcohol at the end of our shift. I slept on his floor. We, youthful and unfazed, packed up the car and went to a boulder the next day. I was totally enamored with the whole situation. The rest is history.

What impact has climbing had on your life?

Quantifying the impact the impact that climbing has had on my life is no mean feat. I mean, what impact HASN'T it had on my life? Put it this way, climbing has been my EVERYTHING since that very first time. I changed everything for climbing, and climbing changed pretty much everything about me. I knew immediately that it was special. I have visited more countries that I can remember in pursuit of quality rock, beautiful photos and stories to tell. I have met the most incredible and interesting people. I made the most precious memories. And I'm not even close to being done.

Hauairou, China Picture By A_ D'Avanzo

What are some other things you do that you find most fulfilling?

When I'm not climbing, I'm running ... that is, when I'm not working, or tied up with my wonderful little family. Being outdoors fuels me. I've always felt an affinity to the mountains, and to water, so if I can get even just a little of either it really puts me in a good place. Then of course there is music, art, and caffeine. Dose me up with all of the above and great things always happen.

If you could tell the world one thing, what would it be?

Respect each other. Listen, learn, love. Don't be a dick.

Is there something you're working on that you'd like to tell our community about? We love a good story.

I'm really proud of the work we are doing over at KAYA Climbing. Working with the team there I am blown away every single day. It might sound cliche, but it is one hundred percent true. As Creative Director it's my privilege and honor to help steer the brand in a variety of ways. If you are a climber, download it in the app store and check us out on Insta too: @kayaclimbing

Lian Lonsdale - Peak Designs - M Bennet
Lian Lonsdale, Peak Designs. Photo by M Bennet.

Favorite thing about Dynamite Starfish?

My Dynamite Starfish t-shirt is THE ONLY item in my closet that is a color. True fact. I only wear black except for a few dark grey items to brighten my wardrobe, and a white shirt when I need a pop. And then there is my ONE salmon-colored Dynamite Starfish tee, that hangs with pride and gets worn when I'm feeling extra-special. What's not to love?

Liam Lonsdale, © Quang Lee / Trov

You can find Liam on Instagram at @liamlonsdale

Want to get to know more of the climbers in the amazing Dynamite Starfish community? Check out our archive of Climber Interviews here.

We hope you have enjoyed these sneak peeks into climbers' lives. We're on a mission to share diverse stories about rock climbing. Let's push the boundaries of who we know as climbers. Let's use our energy and passion for the outdoors to love our environment and inspire one another.

Have someone you think we should feature? Send us a message and let us know!

Until next time!

Dynamite Starfish
Dynamite Starfish

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