Throwing Yourself In

Throwing Yourself In - Dynamite Starfish

Dynamite Starfish artist, Leslie Sam Kim at the Buttermilk Boulders. Bishop, CA.

For those of you who aren't familiar, I'm Leslie, the artist who creates shirts for Dynamite Starfish. That's me in the photo up there — please excuse the weird sock configuration, it was the end of the day.

I believe that when you take away security, you find what you are really capable of. Under a blanket of things that make you feel safe, there isn’t much to be done. But let’s say you take away the steady income, comfortable settings and your usual circle of friends. What would you be willing to do? How would you prioritize? Would you still hold a person or thing in high regard?

Of course, there are some times I doubt my ability to succeed in what I’m doing. I also know that nothing in life waits until you’re ready—you get thrown into the future (or throw yourself in) and grow as you learn to survive. Everything begins when you commit to the very first step—one that feels like a huge jump into blank air with thousands of feet below, but it must be done. And when the wind is all done screaming in your ears, the next one will be a little easier, and the third may even flow naturally.

I started a business because it was a step in the right direction for me. It was a step away from the places I knew I didn’t want to be, in offices dreaming of having the freedom to talk, walk, eat and sleep when I felt it was necessary. So now I’m here, walking on blank air, doing all I can to survive. Surviving is hard work. Not having someone hand you your next pay check is unsettling. The payoff is that I'm free to live in the way I know is best for me. I was never happy working in an office, and when I realized I was never going to be, I knew I had to take a big step. A lot of people have been asking, "How are you doing?" lately. "How’s the business going?" And this is the most honest answer I can come up with.

With love and encouragement,

Leslie Kim
Leslie Kim

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