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100 Drawings about Climbing — Pivot Point

Written by Leslie Kim


Posted on July 17 2017

I'm so sorry, 100 Drawings about Climbing project, I've been cheating on you with my own personal work as of late. When I started this project, I didn't expect that I'd go down this road. But I think when you make attempts to be more creative (in any aspect) you open doors for other channels. So, I suppose worlds will collide now and I'll post some of these as part of this "climbing-related" project.

Pivot Point

Drawing No. 18/100 "Pivot Point"

Contemplating the introduction of a thing, upon which everything must change. Perhaps some hidden beta, or previously unseen foot hold? Or fact of life gone by that eventually settles into truth. Either way, accept the unseen, and do not be afraid to change it all.



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