100 Drawings About Climbing — Fortune November 22, 2017 06:30

Dynamite Starfish — 100 Drawings About Climbing — Fortune

Drawing No. 26/100 "Fortune."

“How can you be your most authentic self as a human and as a maker? You have to make the work that you make. You literally don’t have anything else.” -Maya Gurantz
On making, on doing work, and on being a woman. On boldness.⠀

In Ten Sleep I got real introspective and made some sketches. Here's the third one. More than being directly inspired by the experience of climbing, these were perhaps more inspired by eighteen days spent on the road, away from the familiarity of friends and cities. Out here I was disconnected from my usual daily routine, but found that the new one I had embraced was quiet, peaceful, simple. Wake, eat, create, climb, eat, sleep. Over, and over, and over again.