Climb Together | Broomfield, CO | March 2024


Climb with us! Your ticket includes a free Dynamite Starfish mystery t-shirt and sticker pack.

This 2-hour climbing festival will be held at G1 Climbing + Fitness in Broomfield, CO. The event will be held on Monday, March 11 from 6-8pm.

What is it?

It's like a meetup, but better. This gathering is all about making real human connections while doing something we love (climbing!). This event will have a maximum of 25 attendees.

What can I expect?

We'll get together as a group at first, then break off into small groups of 3-4. Your small group will have climbers of varying experience so each participant will have a chance to either mentor or learn from other members of their group.

To get the conversation going, each group will be given an icebreaker topic + a climbing challenge!

Example: Tell your group a funny story about your childhood AND climb 5 pink routes in your grade range.

Okay. But why?

Have you ever been to a crowded climbing gym and felt overwhelmed by how to make friends or who to climb with? We know we have!

Created by an introvert for introverts (and extroverts, too), Climb Together takes the anxiety out of socializing at the gym. Maybe you're new to town and haven't found your people yet. Or maybe you're a social butterfly who just wants to make new friends. Either way, Climb Together is designed to bring a diverse group of people together to get you making friends with folks you may never have otherwise met!

How about afterwards?

If folks still want to keep hanging out, we'll have a little afterparty at 4 Noses Brewery pending weather. Grab a beer and a bite and get to know some of the other attendees that you may not have gotten a chance to talk to at the festival, or hang with your new besties! We'll decide on final plans the day of. If it's too cold, maybe we'll go for something warm instead :)

We encourage attendees to exchange phone numbers, email addresses, and insta handles with each other! Want to plan another gym day after Climb Together? Go for it! Want to climb outside? Invite a new friend you met at Climb Together!

We love to see the community grow.

Will there be swag?

Yes! Attendees will get a Dynamite Starfish sticker pack and a mystery tee!

Do we have to pay for rentals or a day pass?

Nope, we've got it covered.