COVID-19 Response

Right now, 10% of our profits are donated to COVID-19 relief.

We've always thought it important to put our money where our mouth is, to put our skin in the game. Our business is built on principles of reciprocity, generosity and kindness. We've been giving back since day one. Right now, our world is in need of support around a global pandemic. So we've rallied up the forces to donate 10% of our profits to COVID-19 relief during this time. We are also offering a 15% off code to new email subscribers who find value in our products but need some financial relief. We have also implemented a payment plan option which allows us to accept split payments over time.

On top of these changes, we are also offering a free mental-health boosting phone or tablet background, and a free postcard with each order that customers can either keep or mail to a friend. We believe that mental health matters, especially in times like these, and the climbing community has been such a strong force in keeping our mental health thriving.

We are not able to conduct any pop-up shops at brick and mortar locations at this time, but we can't wait to get back out there. We are doing what we can to connect with our community digitally.

Under normal circumstances, 5% of our profits are donated to the Access Fund for their continued efforts to enhance the lives of climbers and longevity of Planet Earth. In the past, we've also partnered with The Friends of Joshua Tree, The Friends of the Inyo, American Safe Climbing Association, and Planned Parenthood!