Climber, Misfit, Lover — 3" Rock Climbing Sticker


Climber. Misfit. Lover. That's you!

"Stick it" to the man and share your love for climbing with this durable rock climbing sticker from Dynamite Starfish! Put it on your climbing helmet or water bottle for a personal touch, or take some of that rebellious climbers' attitude everywhere you go by adding it to your phone, laptop or car.

About the Sticker 

‣ 3" wide "Climber. Misfit. Lover" rock climbing sticker
‣ Weatherproof
‣ High quality, durable vinyl

What about shipping?

‣ Item ships from California
‣ Free USPS shipping with tracking within the USA

Mix & match your own sticker pack!

‣ Save 15% on packs of 3

‣ Save 20% on packs of 5+


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