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Dank Beta Exist Ethically— 3" Sticker

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#ExistEthically design in collaboration with Dank Beta.

What is it? It's a stepping stone movement that only asks you to strive towards being better than who you were yesterday. I truly applaud those who embody ethics in all they do, but those people are who we should aspire to be like, not compared to. The best person to compare yourself to is you. And that's the only baseline you need to improve. 

So ask yourself, "Am I thinking about what condition I leave the places I visit? And am I interacting with nature in a way that's not harmful, or better yet, one that has a positive impact?" If the answer is no or you're unsure, that's where the dilemma lies, and that lack of conscientiousness is what we need to change. All it takes to achieve this is being open to refined ways of living. Nothing drastic, just simple changes and understandings that are easy to learn and integrate into your life. For example, not leaving behind apple cores, banana peels, etc. out in nature, and beyond that, knowing the reason why.

The reason being that it takes longer to biodegrade than assumed, it's an eyesore, and it can negatively affect the diets of wildlife. With these small strides in the right direction, we will collectively have an immensely positive impact on the world. To enjoy nature is both a right and a privilege. So we must be willing to change the way we view and interact with the outdoors. Please leave knowing that this is not just a call to action, but a call to conciseness. We must change how we think so we can change how we act. And when we change how we act, we can begin to exist ethically. 

Sticker Design Information:

  • Art by Austin Smith.
  • 3"x3" sticker.

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