Vegan Climber Unisex Rock Climbing T-Shirt

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Limited Edition!

Vegan climbers, get this minty green unisex t-shirt that speaks your food language!

 About this shirt:

‣ Unisex Rock Climbing T-Shirt
‣ Mint color 

About the Artwork:
‣ Hand-drawn design
‣ Hand printed in Los Angeles, CA
‣ Art by Leslie Sam Kim ©2021

How do Limited Edition Pre-orders work?
When you place your order, we place your item in our production queue to be prepped for screen printing.

You will receive your item as soon as it has been printed. This shirt is scheduled to print in mid-April.

Can I return or exchange a Limited Edition item?
Returns of Limited Edition items are possible, but exchanges for another limited edition style may not be. As always, we do our absolute best to accommodate even your wildest requests, so please don't hesitate to reach out.

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