Climb More Rocks — 3"x 2" Sticker


The winner of our color contest is...


And our runner-up is LIME!

We've ordered just a few lime stickers for those of you who voted for this color. If this is the color you prefer, get them now before they run out!

Both stickers start shipping July 28, 2021


Put this sticker for your car, water bottle, laptop, or anywhere you like to stick your favorite messages! This bold rock climbing sticker is perfect for you if you're a climbing enthusiast, and makes a great gift for any rock climber.

About the Sticker 

‣ 2" wide x 3" high Climb More Rocks sticker
‣ Weatherproof
‣ High quality, durable vinyl
‣ Original design by Leslie Sam Kim ©2021

What about shipping?

‣ Item ships from California
‣ Free USPS shipping with tracking within the USA

Mix & match your own sticker pack!

‣ Save 15% on packs of 3

‣ Save 20% on packs of 5+

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