Tender Sender — Unisex 3/4 Sleeve Baseball Tee


A mother once explained to her daughter at one of our pop up shops, "A tender sender is like when you can crush, but you have feelings too!" We love this description so much. Are you a Tender Sender?

We brought back this design by popular demand, and for our second release, are offering it for the first time on a White & Black raglan 3/4 sleeve baseball tee in addition to the classic red tee.

About this tee:

‣ Unisex 3/4 sleeve baseball tee

‣ Soft Poly-Cotton Blend (50% Polyester; 50% Soft Cotton)

‣ Each tee made to order (please allow 3-5 days)
‣ Made in an eco-conscious, sweatshop-free facility that uses water-saving dye machines.

About the Artwork:

‣ Hand-drawn design

‣ Art by Leslie Sam Kim 
in collaboration with poet Narinda Heng.

“Let’s be tender to ourselves, to one another, to the world around us.
I don’t care to “conquer” a climb; I prefer to think of it as becoming friends with it. As with people, some climbs you get along with immediately, through some strange delightful magic. Others, it takes time and negotiation, there is much mystery. Sometimes, things never work out. And that’s okay.” —Narinda Heng


Size Body Length Body Width
XS 25 1/8" 16 1/8"
S 27 1/2" 17 5/8"
M 28/ 1/2" 19 5/8"
L 29 1/2" 21 5/8"
XL 30 1/2" 23 5/8"


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