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Everything Will Be O.K. — Phone or Tablet Background — by Donation

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Because sometimes we just need a quick reminder: Everything will be O.K.

This original design is made for everyone, not only climbers. We all struggle with difficulties in life and find it hard to remember, it will be ok in the end, we just need to breathe.

Download this mobile wallpaper to carry in your pocket when you need a little reminder. We hope this design adds a calming sense to any day.

We encourage you to support independent artists by donating an amount of your choosing to the artist who made this design. We can't tell you enough how much we appreciate it! However, if money is an issue for you, we would never want that to stop you from enjoying this artwork.

Information on this print:
  • Art by Leslie Sam Kim.
  • Available for iPhone X, iPhone 6/7/8 Plus, iPhone 6/7/8, Android 1080p, and iPad Pro 12.9"


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