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Dynamite Starfish — 2.5" Sticker

$ 1.50 USD

Dynamite Starfish branded sticker! For climbers, misfits and lovers. You get one free with any apparel purchase, but if you want to stock up you can also just get this sticker here.

What is a Dynamite Starfish?

A rock climbing move where you are tightly gripping handholds, simultaneously flagging out both legs then proceeding to violently kick downwards and inwards in a desperate attempt to produce upwards motion; making the climber resemble an explosive starfish. 

Show off your climbing style by carrying a piece of Dynamite Starfish with you anywhere you go.

A portion of profits from our sales goes to benefit the Access Fund for their efforts to keep climbing areas open and conserve the climbing environment.

Design information:

  • Art by Leslie Sam Kim.
  • 2.5" round sticker.

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