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Wear shirts that starts conversations.

Make new friends at the gym. Have more fun at the crag!

Whether you're a crag snack lover or equally enthusiastic about rock climbing and dogs, we've got a design that fits your vibe.
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Relatable shirts for your unique climbing experience

Climb and Pet All the Dogs

Love crag dogs? We made an entire collection just for you!

Climb Rocks and Pet Cats

Cat people, calm down. We heard your requests, so we made a cat collection too.

Climb for Snacks

The next time someone asks why you're always at the climbing gym... let them know the real reason.

"Love the message, artwork, fabric, and fit.

The best part is the compliments always come from people I genuinely would like to have a conversation with.

Thank you for making this!"

— Teresa


soft yet durable unisex t-shirts


Printed by hand in small batches on premium, eco-friendly blends

cute & comfy women's tops


Heartfelt designs on hand-picked styles for more expressive fun.


Over 7,000 climbers love our gear. Here's why:


"I can honestly say that over half of the week I am wearing a shirt from Dynamite Starfish."

-Brooke R.

"Unique artwork and the quality is on point.

It feels like I'm buying from a friend instead of an anonymous business."

-Aquila P.

"The shirts are actually great quality, feel good, wear well, and look great."

-Charles L.

Check out our most loved designs

Keep Climbing Taped Hands — Unisex Rock Climbing T-Shirt

Our #1 best selling design, inspired by long days on sharp granite. Who wants to go home when you're having this much fun? Tape up and keep climbing!

Good Climbs Good Vibes — Unisex Rock Climbing T-Shirt

When there are good climbs, we're feeling good vibes! Get this mint tee to spread the positivity wherever you go!

Sunset Boulderers Women’s Crop Tank

Know that feeling of hiking out at sunset with your crash pad wearing besties? Now you can wear that feeling with this super cute racerback crop tank.

But wait! What the heck is a Dynamite Starfish?

It's a rock climbing move! 

One where you have all your limbs outstretched and you're trying desperately to gain upwards momentum. 

It's silly, it's goofy, it's everything we love about rock climbing! 

It reminds us to try hard AND have fun.

About the Founder

In 2014, Leslie couldn't find any rock climbing art that reflected her experience of climbing.

Sure, there was a bunch of 90's style clip art of a generic silhouette dangling one-handed off a cliff, but does anyone actually climb like that?

Where was all the fun and relatable art about the things that make climbing really special?

She started drawing in her sketchbook and eventually, her friends asked if she could print her designs on t-shirts. And so she did!

"Joy is the best fuel for performance. 

Dynamite Starfish wants to help you find it again when personal pressures and fears weigh you down."

— Lucie Hanes
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