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[Trigger warning] 100 Drawings about Climbing — Gentrifying Homelessness

Written by Leslie Kim


Posted on February 10 2019

Drawing No. 35/100 "Gentrifying Homelessness"

[Trigger warning] — This art will NOT resonate with everyone. It was also not created by me, but I did obtain the permission of the artists to include it in my 100 Drawings about Climbing series, and I screen printed the art on tees for the artists.

Gentrifying Homelessness since 2013

I collaborated with them for a few reasons. Although I am not against "vanlife", I do have opinions about the glorification of it, and it's "trendification". This image was an Instagram post way back in May of 2018, and yes it has truly been that long since I've updated the blog.

Since then, I hope a few good people have viewed "vanlife" with a bit more mindfulness. 



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