How climbing has shaped my love for the outdoors November 7, 2016 12:50

Dynamite Starfish New Jack City

This obsession with PLACE. I’m not sure when it started—maybe it was growing up in an unimaginative suburb and being pushed into a box so small that anything outside of it was what I dreamt of every day. It’s the little details about a place that I hold so dear and have a neverending curiosity for. The current state of a place shows glimpses of its history—the people who developed an area and left their influence there. Hints to it’s future by way of the present. Those who are striving to make change in a place will define how the future plays out there, for better or worse. The rules, regulations and politics of a place also affect how it appears now. What kinds of people are drawn to certain places, and why? How does culture come about? SO. MANY. QUESTIONS.

Dynamite Starfish Smith Rock

Climbing is just one way to experience a place, but I’ve found that it is a meaningful and fascinating one. Each trail that you walk on has a history, and so does every established route you climb. This sport also has a way of transforming small towns and even large cities through its tightly knit community. The ideas and areas we explore run in parallel. We can’t visit a place and turn a blind eye to its past and future. The reason why I'm obsessed with the shared experiences of climbing and of a certain “place,” is because of the questions rattle my brain — the desire to know how a place came to be just so… and where might the culture be headed? Think about it the next time you head outdoors.⠀

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