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Cactus flowers in Red Rocks

Written by Leslie Kim


Posted on May 03 2017

Cactus Flowers Red Rocks

If you've been following along on Instagram, you'll probably have noticed that we've been on a road trip from Los Angeles to Red Rocks to Utah.

We sat in a dirt parking lot in Saint George, Utah after having climbed four consecutive days in Red Rocks. Thankfully the climbing was pretty varied — a day of bouldering at Kraft followed by some mellow multi-pitch routes, then some crack cragging and another day of mellow multi-pitch. Still, we were pretty tired.

None of us woke particularly early, and when we did, it was slow going to get moving. Our friend Mike played the guitar while Ben worked on patching a hole in his sweatpants. He's been really into learning how to sew lately, so our tattered climbing shirts and pants are feeling lucky. In no rush to get to the boulders, I got out my sketchbook for a quick doodle. The flowers in Red Rocks had been so beautiful the past week. I'm not really one to do any kind of representative artwork, but man, desert flowers just speak to me somehow.

So here are some of my favorite cactus flowers from Red Rocks, Mescalito in the background, and some truly unique looking rock in the foreground. Hey, we climbed Lotta Balls a few days before, so I had to.



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