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Into the Emergency Room

Written by Leslie Kim


Posted on April 11 2016

Smooth Shrimp Bishop, CA

Here’s a photo of me trying real hard but not getting very far, which kind of sums up how I feel right now. There’ll be no climbing for me, at least for a few weeks — I went to the ER for a stomachache and ended up having to have a pesky vestigial organ removed. Sure, the experience was painful and tiresome, but there was a little adventure to be had.

I’m grateful for the magical people who showed me love the past few days — the hospital staff, my lovely boyfriend, close friends and friends I hadn’t expected to hear from. I was even happy to see my parents stop by, as awkward and detached as they may be. I'm not naturally one to ask for help, but I’m really glad I didn’t just grin and bear it. I couldn’t be more grateful for the caring people around me.

I think the magic of asking for and receiving is just that — it’s the limitless gratitude you want to shower upon everyone who helped you at the exact moment you needed it. I’d like to think good experiences spread like wildfire — and from my accommodating hospital staff I have learned to make someone in pain more comfortable. The patience and presence of my boyfriend has taught me that just being there is sometimes the best kind of support. From my concerned companions I have learned to be a kinder and more compassionate friend. So yeah, I kind of can't wait to grow, and I hope that makes someone who needs it get their metaphorical hug at just the right time.

I’m a little sad that I won’t be climbing (or walking much faster than my 90 year old grandma) for weeks, but watch out world, I’ll be drinking milkshakes and watching Netflix like a champ.



  • It’s been a month, I hope you’re in good health!

    Posted by John | May 15, 2016
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