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Shirts for Nepal: What I Learned From Doing Good

Written by Leslie Kim


Posted on June 02 2015

This weekend was a great one. Our pop-up shop at the Stronghold Climbing Gym was a huge success! I walked into it nervous and excited, but was instantly greeted by friendly staff and welcoming vibes. I can’t even express how much I love these people.

Well, about the shirts. I’m an over thinker. It probably comes with the territory of working as a designer. I racked my brain for weeks about what the most appropriate shirt to bring to the event would be. The Bishop shirt? The Joshua Tree shirt? Neither of those made sense if the event was meant to raise funds for Nepali Earthquake relief. What did I really want to say, anyways? So I made a new shirt design. I called it “Keep Climbing”. Yeah, it’s this one, which you may have seen on the site recently. I wanted people to know that they had helped instill hope in a community who needs it, and that even when times are rough and your hands might be covered in blood and tape, stay optimistic. Keep moving onward and upward.

Now, let’s talk about success a little bit. Someday, money will be great. But right now I’m focused on building the right brand. I want to run a company that does right by its community and is proud to be what it is. I’m so happy to say I’m getting there. On Friday night, I met so many people. I talked to a woman who had been in the Nepal earthquake who was graciously shared her story with me. Good friends stopped by to share good times. I talked to new friends about philosophy and why I create the art I do. It was the best experience I’ve had with this business so far.

The pop-up shop gave me so much good energy and I am incredibly happy to have been a part of the Nepali Earthquake fundraiser. I’m filled with love and gratitude towards all of you that are part of the climbing community. I'm stoked to be here. There's nowhere else I'd rather be.

A budding idea is worth pursuing. Combined with the right cause and the right people, great things will come of it.

Here are the shirts after I printed each red spot individually in my living room.

The silent auction and raffle items all laid out at Stronghold Climbing Gym.

Rockin' a tee in front of the bouldering wall

Here I am trying to figure out how to use a swipe machine. Ah, technology. Who's that cute corgi? Only the best crag dog, Riley.

A huge thanks to Stronghold Climbing Gym and climber Matt Segal for putting this event together!



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