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100 Drawings about Climbing -Two Horses in Sign-Shade

Written by Leslie Kim


Posted on August 10 2019

Drawing No. 37/#100drawingsaboutclimbing "Two Horses in Sign-Shade"

It's been kind of an uncommon week. There was camping with no climbing—which meant: lots of reading, walks by the river, playing games, and unplugged time. I felt compelled to walk barefoot across a very old fallen tree in the Sequoias, and also to write a letter to a passed-away friend on his birthday. I burned the words and paper in a campfire in the hopes that this is an effective delivery method. I'm also in the latter half of a 24-hour fast I decided I'd try out once a month. All I have to say about that is, dreams. Lots of dreams.

Anyways, I had this drawing in mind for almost a year. I finally sketched it out a few mornings ago while sitting on a rock, and inked it last night.



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