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100 Drawings about Climbing — Intro, and It's Finger Lockin' Good!

Written by Leslie Kim


Posted on May 02 2017

It's Finger Lockin' Good — Drawing 1/100


Introducing a new project today! I’m calling it “100 drawings about climbing.” The goal is to draw something climbing related every day for 100 days. I’ve had so many suggestions, random ideas and thoughts that just never make it onto t-shirts, so this is meant to be a fun way to “idea dump.” ⠀

Between designing, climbing and not having the right facilities sometimes to sit down and draw, I'm going to try my best to get one out each day, but there might be a few that slip out of my hands.⠀

So here goes nothing! Drawing 1/100 "It's Finger Lockin'Good!" Inspired by the countless KFC ads I keep hearing while not paying for Spotify. And finger locks, yeah, those.



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